The most successful business owners, across multiple industries, take to heart some of the same basic tips for success. Revisit this foundational advice on the most stressful days when running your company, to help you stay on track and accelerate your business growth.

Know the existing market: Identify your target customer(s) and their most current, urgent needs. Determine the size of your market, find your niche or unique selling proposition vs. the competition. Don’t assume you know—do your research. 

Roll up your sleeves: You’ll need to wear many hats and put in the longest workdays ever, as a new business owner. Stay healthy to keep your energy up, by taking time for a good night’s sleep and eating properly, as much as possible.

Keep in touch with your customer base: Track your customers changing needs so you can design the right services to fulfill them. Monitor what they’re talking about, interested in, and their pain points. Keep an eye on your brand profile–are you getting good reviews? 

Get the best advisors: Find a mentor and build a solid management team. This team will help educate you on areas of business where you lack experience and magnify your strength as a businessperson.

Stay on track: Don’t let daily details distract you from your overarching goal. Make sure your business is on track to succeed long term.

Prioritize your network: You can get caught in an echo chamber, only hearing feedback that supports your ideas, instead of benefiting from new perspectives. Network with others in your industry to gain assistance and new ideas for your business.

Go for it: Don’t let doubts hold you back. Concentrate on the best outcome possible. Everything is a learning experience–and for that reason at least, a success.

Laser focus: There will be lots of details and setbacks in your new business. Don’t let them distract you from your main, overarching business and life goals. 

Design your life: You only get one life, so pursue a business that really moves you, as well as supports your lifestyle and goals.

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