Creating a team culture focused on collaboration rather than competition will set you up for company success. Your employees bring different talents and strengths to the table, and you should encourage co-operation towards a vision that is bigger than individual goals. The first step towards cohesion is establishing a company vision and the means to achieve it. You can use innovative ways to build a stronger team culture, which include:

Organize Casual Social Events

Employees in any company will create social networks through which ideas are discussed, and relationships are fostered. However, you will need to be innovative if you want people from different departments to interact with each other. Events like lunches, trips, clubs, movie nights, barbecues, and Christmas parties will allow your employees to forge personal and work relationships and boost team culture. 

One tactic that you can try is the “Lunch Roulette,” where employees draw names to create small groups that will have lunch together. Such random selections will break down silos between departments. 

Encourage a Culture of Learning and Knowledge Sharing

One way of encouraging innovation in your company is by fostering the circulation of knowledge. Most companies do not have collaborative spaces, which makes people less accessible for interactions. Multiple studies suggest that collaboration improves workplace performance, and companies like Google have been at the forefront of creating spaces that encourage brainstorming.

In addition to informal workspaces, you can make resources like books, manuals, and journals more accessible. Such resources will increase the internal knowledge that your employees can share between themselves.

Exercise as a Team

You can encourage team building physical exercises like scavenger hunts, charity walks, 5K races, obstacle course races, and hiking. You can even include the families of your employees for more wholesome experiences. Team workouts will help people learn new things about each other, and the increased co-operation will translate into the workplace.

Make Room for Play

The traditional workplace meant work all day, and there was no room to have fun and play games. However, companies like Google are harnessing the benefits of playtime, including reduced stress, improved productivity, and stimulating imagination. You can add ping-pong tables, board games, Jenga sets, and trivia games and organize bingo nights, tug-of-war, silent line up, cup stacking, and blindfolded obstacle course.

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