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How to Manage Working Capital

Accelerate your business growth by effectively using your working capital. Many small businesses fail due to poor cash flow management. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for strategic ways to expand your successful business, follow these steps to better... Read More

Building a Stronger Team Culture

Creating a team culture focused on collaboration rather than competition will set you up for company success. Your employees bring different talents and strengths to the table, and you should encourage co-operation towards a vision that is bigger than individual... Read More

How to Improve Your Organizational Structure

Every organization has a structure, whether intended or not. “Organizational structure” refers to the hierarchy of leadership and roles within an organization. It determines how power and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, and coordinated. It governs employee tasks, reporting, interactions, and... Read More

Tips for Improving Business Profits

Beginning a new week can sometimes make you feel unmotivated or feel like you aren’t looking forward to much. The routine 9 to 5 job you have could leave you uninspired, always checking the clock for when to leave for... Read More

5 Tips for Building a More Sustainable Office

Sustainability not only has a positive impact on the environment, but it also makes the workplace healthier and more productive. The reduction in energy usage saves money, and the boost in productivity helps to grow your company. Here are some... Read More

5 Things To Know About Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is a valuable tool for business owners. Before you choose the right option for your business, first you need to understand five common terms: 1. Loans and Leases Equipment loans and equipment leases are two popular financing options... Read More

The Basics of a Business Credit Score

A strong business credit score is an important company asset. It can assist you in obtaining necessary financing such as loans and lines of credit, give you better financing terms and rates, and help you build a reliable network of... Read More

Pros and Cons of Invoice Factoring

Have you ever wanted to find a fast and accessible form of financing for your business? Invoice factoring (also called accounts receivable financing) may be for you. This is a powerful type of financing that has roots dating back to... Read More

How Accounts Receivable Financing Benefits Healthcare Facilities

One of the many challenges in the healthcare industry is having the working capital available when you need it. You see the patient and bill their insurance company, generating an invoice for services, the insurance company can then take weeks... Read More

4 Benefits of Equipment Financing

Getting the best and newest equipment for your company can help you keep up with the competition by providing excellent products and services to your company. These pieces can be expensive, however, and buying them outright can pose risks as... Read More