With social media and word of mouth being such big factors in business success, a company’s brand and how people see and feel about the brand is critical to success. This is especially true in commercial real estate. The number one piece of advice to building a good reputation is to focus and build locally. What do your current clients think about your business and your team? Are you attentive? Focusing on these things along with the following tips will help you build a solid reputation for your commercial real estate business.

1. Communication

You should be in consistent communication with all parties of every arrangement you are on. Be productive and call your clients—don’t text, call. In business, people like to hear your voice.

2. Use Signage

Studies show that signage is still a very successful marketing tool for the real estate business. Make sure your signs are available, up-to-date, and properly used.

3. Go the Extra Mile

Be prepared. Clients want to know that you thoroughly did your job. Prepare industry-based case studies for your clients. Research the area, put together graphics and facts about the deal, the neighborhood, and the market. Well-informed and well-prepared agents are the best agents.

4. Actually Close

The deal isn’t done until it’s done. A property with a contract still requires your attention. Stay on top of all of your projects, don’t let them stall due to a lack of focus and attention.

5. Stay Consistent

Everyone, no matter the location or value of their contract, should be treated the same way every single time regardless of who they talk to. Lack of professionalism and consistency will ruin a business every time. Go the extra mile for everybody.

Commercial real estate is a very tricky business to get in to and figuring out the way to success can be even trickier; however, doing it right is so much more important than getting it done. To learn how we can help you boost the reputation of your commercial real estate business, contact Lionheart Commercial Capital today.