When you’re struggling to improve your working capital and find a way to grow your business successfully, a cash flow loan may be the right financial solution for you. Keep your small business moving forward with a competitive loan that boosts your working capital.

If your business needs a way to handle a short-term cash issue, a working capital loan or cash advance can give you the funding you need. These loan types work by borrowing against your future sales giving you your cash now, rather than waiting for it to come in. You don’t have to put up security in the same way as an asset-based loan, but your lender will use your predicted sales to offer you a loan amount.

One way this works is through a cash advance. You’ll need a reasonable credit score and proof of financial history. Your lender will offer you a loan based on your predicted sales. While you’ll need to pay a portion of the profits as payment, you can enjoy immediate funding that could otherwise take weeks or months to come to your bank account.

These loans are typically short term, so expect to pay the loan back in as little as three months. Longer cash flow loans require as much as 60 days to receive. One of the greatest advantages of using a cash advance or working capital loan is flexibility. Because you’re receiving your own income, you can spend it however you need it. Purchase equipment, invest in new inventory or save up for a down payment for a mortgage on a commercial property.

Consider investing in your business with your loan. This flexible funding can be used to take on new clients, invest in advertising or create a new product line that has the potential to draw in even more sales. Or, in emergency situations, your loan can be used to pay off any immediate debts or make any emergency repairs on your equipment or property.

Of course, there are some cons that come with taking out a cash advance or loan. This is not a longer term traditional loan, so it will have higher fees. Your lender is taking on risk, as you may not earn as much in the future as you did in the past. With careful navigation and a firm strategy in mind, you can use your cash flow loan to tackle any emergency or investment opportunity you may face.