A creative office is more fun, more productive place to be. But many businesses struggle to foster creativity. To make sure yours isn’t one of them, check out the following creativity-boosting tips.

Integrate Reminders of the Business’s Purpose

Employees who don’t feel connected to their business likely won’t feel creative, either. That’s why it can be helpful to build visual reminders of your company’s purpose into the office. For instance, a design firm might place posters of its most successful designs around the office.

Allow Failure

While nobody should hope to fail all the time, total fear of failure can stifle creativity. As one business consultant explains, companies that want creative employees need to accept “the risk of failure … as part of the deal.” To come up with something new, employees need space to actually try something new without fear of punishment if it doesn’t work perfectly.

Provide Diverse Ways to Work

Some people feel a surge of creativity when they’re able to wall off distractions and work alone. Others might feel most creative when collaborating with others. And it’s not uncommon for people to benefit from both setups at different times. The takeaway point is that your business should provide opportunities for people to encounter and work with each other as well as opportunities that allow for focused time alone.

Encourage Independence

Hovering managers and endless chains of command can make even the most creative employees give up on trying to do something new. Leadership is important, but so is cultivating an environment in which employees feel empowered to make their own decisions and pursue goals their own way.

Celebrate Successes

When an employee’s creativity leads to something great, celebrate it! They’ll enjoy seeing their great idea celebrated—and feel motivated to produce more in the future.

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