Accelerate your business growth by effectively using your working capital. Many small businesses fail due to poor cash flow management. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for strategic ways to expand your successful business, follow these steps to better cash flow management.

First, it’s essential for you to choose inventory wisely. Whether you’re purchasing raw materials or complete products, invest in quality procurement strategies that protect your bottom line and help you save money on purchases. Consider buying in bulk with financing, or shop around for other deals or generous lending options to procure the products you need to grow your business.

If you’re struggling to secure better rates from your suppliers, you may want to look at how consistently you pay them. If your payments are consistently late, suppliers are much less likely to offer you discounts or renegotiate terms. This could stall your business growth. Don’t let poor relationships harm your business, but work to remedy any misunderstanding. Start making payments on time, work with your suppliers when they have issues and find mutually beneficial solutions that can grow your relationship and help your business.

Another cash flow issue is delayed payments. When your invoices have as much as 90 days to be paid, it could leave your working capital restricted and prevent you from investing in the clients and opportunities you need to grow. Look for ways to accelerate your receivables process, either through financing or negotiating with your suppliers.

How are you managing your debt? Loan payments could be the source of your cash flow problem. Consider how you could consolidate your debt in order to reduce your monthly payments and save more money. Freeing up more capital can be a great way to invest in your company and increase your profits.

Before you work on your debt, you may need to build your credit score. Paying off loans consistently will help, but you may need to open up more available credit in order to strengthen your credit score and allow your business to take advantage of better interest rates on future loans.

Finally, consider how new financial tools can help you deal with your current cash situation. Sudden bills, excessive debt and crippling investment costs can leave many small businesses stunted. Free up your working capital and enjoy more flexibility in your cash flow with the best financing options available. Once you improve your capital, you can navigate your industry successfully and outpace the competition.